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Facility Reservations

Cameron University will remain closed through July 23, 2020, for event space rental. Thank you for your understanding as we continue to work to maintain the safety and high standard of quality of our event spaces. Questions may be directed to

Events Management

**Please note that Sodexo is the exclusive caterer on Cameron University's campus. Any other catering must be approved by the Director of Events Management.

In order to ensure proper facility reservations on campus, you must first submit a Facility Request Form using the link above to submit a request online. Requests should be received TWO WEEKS prior to the date of the event to allow time for approval. Normally, requests will not be accepted if the two-week deadline has not been met. Please keep in mind that requests are normally processed on a first-come, first-served basis. However, University-sponsored events may take priority over events sponsored by outside organizations.

A few things to remember:

  • Complete all the information requested on the form.
  • Requests cannot be processed if any information is missing. The estimated size of the audience and approval from the organization's sponsor are required for approval.
  • If your event requires a special set up with tables and chairs, please indicate that in the comments area. Floor plans and model set-up options are available from our office.
  • Please indicate on the request whether your event will require food services. Sodexo is the exclusive caterer for functions on the University campus. For price information, please contact Sodexo at 580-581-2384.
  • Requests will be returned to you after appropriate personnel have approved the request and the Events Management Office gives the final approval. Your request is formally approved when you receive a confirmation e-mail. The University accepts no responsibility for publicity posted prior to formal approval. The requestor assumes all risk.
  • Fees for facility use vary by building and rooms. On-campus University-sponsored organizations may generally use facilities free of charge (examples of exceptions include the fee for theatre technicians and the use of the University Theatre for events that charge an admission fee).