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Enrollment restrictions

A junior or senior in high school may enroll in a combined number of high school and college courses per semester not to exceed a full-time college workload of 19 credit hours. For purposes of calculating workload, one-half high school unit shall be equivalent to three semester credit hours of college work. Non-academic high school units are excluded from workload calculation.

To help ensure that the student possesses the skills necessary to be successful in college, concurrent students must have a minimum 19 A.C.T. score in English, Math, or Science in order to enroll in the corresponding subject area. A minimum A.C.T. score of 19 in Reading is required to enroll in any other collegiate course. Some courses may have additional requirements. Additionally, placement requirements for general education courses must be met. Concurrent students may not enroll in remedial coursework. If a student does not achieve the minimum ACT/SAT score required for a course, a qualifying score on a course placement test can be used instead.

To continue concurrent enrollment in subsequent semesters, concurrently enrolled students must maintain a college cumulative grade point average of 2.0 or above on a 4.0 scale. If a concurrent student's college cumulative grade point average falls below the required minimum, the student will be permanently disqualified for concurrent enrollment in all future semesters. Additionally, concurrent students must provide a current class schedule to Cameron University detailing all courses they are enrolled in at their high school and any vocational/technical schools prior to enrolling each semester.

For more information contact the Office of Admissions at 580-581-2289 or